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What are astro-cards?
What's an astrology clock?
Don't we all have free will?
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Who am I?

                                              My name is Alison.Me

         And as a healer and empowerer I have practiced astrology and tarot all of my life. ...But until 2014, resisted the urge to set up a professional practice, as I guess with five planets in Pisces in my 5th house, I had other passions to pursue:

A theatrical actress for twelve years (as well a stand-up comic on London's comedy circuit), I've also worked as a chicken-keeper in Bethlehem, dish-washer in Tel Aviv, bricklayer in St.Tropez, dancer in Milan and searched for crocodiles on the Amazon in Peru.
Back in London I taught aerobics and 'English As A Foreign Language' and also ran a happening music venue... Then due to my own experiences of homelessness in London, Florence and Rome, I became an activist with The Land Is Ours.
And then worked with homeless people for sixteen years, mentoring addicts, alcoholics and those with mental health issues.
During this time I also wrote film scripts and set up and ran the hugely successful Fabulous Creative Writing Group

...while all the time constructing the birth-charts of my clients, who were always encouraged from an astrological perspective!

And as my excitement in astrology as a healing-tool grew, so did my understanding of the teachings of Abraham:


...And as I finally answer my soul's calling to astrology at my Chiron Return, my consultations now come from the perspective of matching our vibrational-frequency to the reality we want - with the focus on living in joy.

My birthchart in equal house
my birth chart
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What are astro-cards?
What's an 'astrology clock'?
Astro-cards are cards I made myself that get right to the heart of an issue and the Astro-clock is my favourite toy!


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Don't we all have free will?

Yes, I firmly believe in free will! Your birthchart reveals the hand of cards you were dealt (or more accurately, dealt yourself) at birth. Your personality blue-print.

But there's no such thing as a 'good or bad hand'.

Because the X Factor (how you play your hand) is always up to YOU.
...And can be tweaked and guided as neccessary, when astrologer and client work together!



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ALL Skype consultations...
Are recorded and the tracks converted to mp3 format that plays on all kinds of machines. ...Then forwarded to you by email.

Ready to book?
Please email me with your Skype account name as well as the birth details: date, time (if known) and place of birth of each person wanting a reading - and to agree a suitable time for our appointment.
[My Skype account name is: jupiter-rising-astrol]

I will do my best to fit you in ASAP after payment has been made...but please bear in mind that the amount of preparation required to accurately analyse your chart/s could mean the waiting time in busy periods is sometimes 2-3 weeks. ...Although I will always do my best to accomodate an emergency!

Please also give details of the issues and concerns you would most like to cover in the consultation, to be sure we spend time on what is important to you.

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