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What can astrology do for you?
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What can astrology do for you?

*Reveal your talents and passions and the route to your success.

*Help you to know yourself and maximize your strengths.

*Keep you afloat and positive as you navigate troubled waters! ...With an eye out for what's ahead.

*Understand your (and other's) relationship needs and dynamics.




What about Tarot? See HERE. (Opens in pop-up window).

The consultations I offer:
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*Astrology chart analysis and consultation on the issues important to you, either via Skype on in person in West London.
60 minutes: £120

*Relationship analysis and advice for you and one other (two charts) either via Skype or in person in West London.
60 minutes: £195


*Tarot readings focusing on your concerns, either via Skype or in person in West London. .
30 minute Tarot reading: £60.
60 minute Tarot reading: £120



*3-page Tarot reading report via email.


*About Tarot readings.

*Follow up sessions for former clients - please contact me.

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ALL Skype consultations...

Are recorded and converted to mp3 format that plays on all kinds of machines. ...Then forwarded to you by email.

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Ready to book a session?

Please email me after payment to agree a suitable time for our appointment - and for astrology consultations, with the birth details: date, time (if known) and place of birth of each person wanting a reading. For Skype consultations, please give me your Skype account name.
[My Skype account name is: jupiter-rising-astrol]

I will do my best to fit you in ASAP after payment has been made...but please bear in mind that the amount of preparation required to accurately analyse your birth chart/s means the waiting time in busy periods is sometimes 2-3 weeks. ...Although I will do my best to accomodate an emergency!

Please also give details of the issues and concerns you would most like to cover in the consultation, to be sure we spend time on what is important to you.

By purchasing a report, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions:
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Who am I?
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