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Who Are You?

Who Do You Want To Be?
How Are You Going To Make Your Dream Come True?
What Does It Mean If You Have Venus In Scorpio?
..Or The Moon In Your 5th House?
Want To Work All This Out For Yourself?
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Who are you?

Are you making the most of your talents?
Would you be happier in Margate or Manhattan?
Where will you find the person of your dreams?
Will you find success as an acrobat or an accountant?

...You need to consult your birthchart!




Who do you want to be?

Your birthchart is the hand of cards you were dealt at birth.
...A blue-print of the personality you have to play with in this lifetime.

Your birthchart shows the areas of life that matter to you and what really makes you happy - as well as issues you might find more difficult.

...What a great opportunity to work on your weaknesses and play to your strengths - Astrology gives you the edge!

And there's no such thing as a 'bad hand'. There will always be both positive and negative ways of expressing all characteristics - Astrology gives you a choice!





How are you going to make your dreams come true ?

Just as it's possible to lose a card game when dealt a fabulous hand, it is also possible to win with indifferent cards.

The X Factor (how you play your hand) is up to YOU.

...And with an understanding of your birthchart, the game develops new levels of significance - Hurrah! We all have free will!  

What does it mean if you have Venus in Scorpio?
You probably dig depth and craziness and go to hell and back in love.

..Or the Moon in your 5th House?
You are creative and a perpetual child... A 'proper little madam' (whatever your sex) in fact.

Want to work all this out for yourself?
Get to grips with the language here:



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